Touches the sublime in sci-fi lyricism... A heroic cosmic odyssey... textured with the stuff of legend, stirring and ultimately melancholy
— Kirkus Reviews

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Would you leave behind everything you know to start a new world? Would you destroy that world to save everything you believe in?

Gradient. A 'sci-fi thriller that reads like epic fantasy' in the spirit of Ursula K Le Guin, Gene Wolfe, and Frank Herbert. Described by readers as 'innovative,' 'compelling,' and 'wildly creative.' 

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Would you leave behind everything you know to start a new world? Would you destroy that world to save everything you believe in?

Born on the moon of Verygone, on the distant edge of the galaxy, Oren Siris is a loner and a dreamer, yearning for a life beyond his humble home. When an interstellar ship arrives, it will take him on a journey across the stars to the shores of an undiscovered planet. Oren and his team strive to build peace with the indigenous peoples of this beautiful new world, but some unseen force works against their every effort, driving them to the very brink of war.

Gradient is an epic space folktale set against the backdrop of a galaxy with advanced human beings who have populated thousands of planets. If you like authors like Ursula K. le Guin and Frank Herbert and films like Star Trek and the Matrix, and if you like compelling characters, rich storytelling, and big ideas about the nature of human existence, then you’ll love this epic debut novel from Anders Cahill.

Quite frankly, one of the best debuts I’ve ever read
— Yudhanjaya Wijeratne, bestselling author of Numbercaste


"Gradient is a gripping, innovative read. For fans of Isaac Asimov, Ursula Le Guin, Philip K. Dick, or Gene Roddenberry – you will not be disappointed." - Stephan M.

An epic, ambitious, wildly creative book." - Max K

"Lovely and compelling." - J.B.

"I'll be thinking about this one for a long time!" - Maureen H.

"A hero’s quest as ancient as Gilgamesh... as if space travelers arrived into the middle of the Illiad, seating themselves next to the likes of Ares and Athena." - Chris S.

"Gradient is a gripping sci-fi thriller that reads like an epic fantasy and it makes for a first-rate intergalactic ride. Oren's journey is equal parts compelling, complex, and relatable. This book was really tough to put down and kept me thinking for days afterward - a phenomenal debut!" - Abree M.

"Gradient is what happens when you launch HP Lovecraft into space. Or slip Orson Scott Card some peyote two or three chapters into the next installment of the Ender's Game saga... the dark foreboding "dream" sequences, in which realities are blurred, are what take this book out of the traditional space epic... If you're wondering "what's next" for a very familiar genre, read this book." - David D.

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Anders Cahill

Anders was born in Concord, Massachusetts. He grew up on a steady diet of fantasy and science fiction novels, liberally spiced with comic books and video games. He has a master's degree in education from Harvard University, and he lives in Boston, Massachusetts with his wife and daughter. Gradient is his first full-length work of fiction.


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